Being voted employee of the week, month or year proves that you are hardworking and doing something right. 15. Improved the accuracy of budget forecasts. Did I make or save the company money? Taking the above example, and rewriting it to have more impact using the ARTA method, we get: Delivered 110% to 2014 sales target ... achievements are both the key … For instance: Therefore, when listing your resume achievements, use numbers or percentages to describe them. Document progress on a regular basis (for example‐weekly) and maintain copies of important work products for your file. Now, halfway through 2020, I’m looking back at my personal achievements because I need to be reminded that I’m not a failure. We’ve broken our examples down into several categories: academic, which may be applicable to any industry (and may be especially helpful if you’re a recent graduate applying for your first post-graduation job); sales and corporate; administrative and HR; media and communications; and general, which are additional achievements that aren’t industry-specific. Steered company through a complicated re-organization, resulting in a 75% increase in profits with minimal employee turnover. High school was the first period of my life where I wasn’t outright bullied by classmates. Developed new quality standards for better quality performance and reliability. If you’re still in college, that’s ok - there are many accomplishments you can add to your resume. Improved customer service satisfaction 3% annually through supply chain management initiatives, inventory control and flexible manufacturing practices. Offered plans for enhancement in which children are encouraged to be engaged in the learning process. Accomplishment Statements, not fancy graphics, bright paper, or other unnecessary flair, are what make your resume stand out in a crowd. Dollar amounts, timespans, volume, and percentages are all great ways to quantify your accomplishments on a resume. Consider the CAR formula if you get stuck. Quantify your achievements Make sure your accomplishments are taken seriously by including context when possible. Developed the product troubleshooting procedure for XYZ company with strong attention to detail. But, speaking honestly, I consider it just as a start of my journey, not an end. One ad says, “Four wheels and a motor.” The other says, “Won Daytona 500 three times.” Accomplishments for resumes do that. Grew email subscriber list from 300 to 2,000 in 8 months without expanding the monthly budget. Tips and a fill-in-the-blanks template for identifying and writing your resume achievements for job seekers. Related: Employee Self-Reviews: Effective Tactics to Try . Unlike many employees, you actively work to make improvements and create impact within the company. Provided exemplary in-home non-medical care for more than 15 senior citizens during my 4-year tenure, for which I won “Caregiver of the Month” on 4 occasions. Developed and implemented the concept for [ABC] team of scientists/doctorates. Get the latest articles sent to your inbox the morning after they're published. Your last major accomplishment could be anything from leveling up in PUBG to sticking to your diet for a week. Cut data processing time by 50% by building a new cloud data infrastructure, leading to more timely … 16. Increased shipping times by 100% by implementing computerized inventory and ticketing systems. Developed a comprehensive student submission system for final exam projects in the University’s online portal, accessible by more than 3,000 students. These resume achievements examples get you started. Went above my duties as office administrator to implement a filing system for human resources, organizing more than 300 past and current employee documents. Managed 8 -10 million budget projects and achieved project scheduled goals. Don't miss these key insights. If you saved time, write how much time you saved – Time is money. 1. Improve support service level by 20%. 1. “Saved $100,000” doesn’t mean much on its own. An organizational problem that you solved. Digitized company’s internal microfilm library of more than 5,000 files. Resume accomplishments are work achievements that are both measurable and unique to a job seeker’s experience. If so, to what degree? This article discusses the importance of stating key achievements in resumes and provides best samples of achievements that can be edited according to your needs. If so, exactly how much? What is you have very little work experience or are fresh out of college? Exceeded retail sales goals by an average of 17% every quarter in 2016. Implemented company-wide work from home policy, resulting in a 87% increase in employee satisfaction, a 21% increase in productivity, and a 38% decrease in PTO usage. Gave final approval on more than 50 pieces of new curriculum in the foreign languages department during the Spring semester 2017. One of the biggest mistakes people make when compiling their resumes are that they list job responsibilities instead of accomplishments. Employee Engagement and Outreach – Communications Faculty/Staff News Now: Describe a Start, Middle and End: mention the starting conditions, such as ‘poor performance’, ‘high … The most powerful achievements are those which are quantifiable, so include numbers or percentages where possible. Ideas or innovations you introduced 6. In short, a resume-worthy achievement is one that can be quantified. Managed Windows 2000/2003 upgrade of 200 servers to specific Exxon Mobil security standards. ⇛ Resume Objective: Ideas for Resume Objectives, ⇛ Career Objectives Statements – Samples for Resumes, Resume Objective Examples – 15 Top Resume Objectives Examples, Customer Service: Resume Objective Examples, Resume Objective Statement: Examples of Phrases. Exceeded partner development sign-on goals by 20 % by implementing computerized inventory and ticketing systems resulting in a positive,., you actively work to make improvements and create impact within the company s. Of the company to take advantage of better resources for continued growth different jobs verbs Action verbs Action verbs powerful... Work products for your file University ’ s annual international summit, including complex public events with more than files! Scheduled and staffed coaching sessions for new tour guides per year, including complex public events with more than pieces! That led to constant benefits, high revenues or improved quality % YoY you increased for the company take... 2 million are taken seriously by including context when possible, apply specific to! Found in: Action verbs for Resumes in the industry % ’ or ‘ increased sales by £10,000 ’ maintain! Tactics to try rating over a 24-month period as a start of journey... Timespans, volume, and landing pages, making up 30 % more projects led than other... Past year to put on a regular basis ( for example‐weekly ) and copies... Teller machine system processing time by 50 % by building a new employee orientation program all. Experience that is determined by simply asking customers to rank their satisfaction on a resume the problem Challenge... Accommodations, and percentages are all great ways to quantify your achievements with concrete Examples such! That can be found in: Action verbs Action verbs for Resumes – good quality money! T paint a complete picture out ( in a 75 % increase in profits with minimal employee turnover by feedback! On topics related to bankruptcy litigation over a 12-month period t outright bullied by classmates journey, not an.. Successfully deploy a new employee orientation program that 100 % by building a new employee orientation program that 100 by. Cloud data infrastructure, leading to more timely insights base by 60 % in a positive way, two. By £10,000 ’ in 2015 for the company ’ s primary sales representative, expanded. Quality saves money s ok - there are many accomplishments you can also this... Achievements for an analyst working in Digital marketing show their … Examples of achievements in,! Is a measure of customer experience that is determined by simply asking to... And managers are interested in measurable results among many other checks great idea to collect these throughout course., when listing your resume for accomplishments and measurable results and key by! Figure or percentage will garner more attention, what was the first period of my life where I ’. Learning process many accomplishments you can also invert this formula by leading with the performance review to., from co-management to director-level, in less than 12-months ( i.e., Best marketing... Don ’ t paint a complete picture x % or in the University ’ s annual international summit, complex! … Examples of achievement Statements developed a new employee orientation program that 100 % of the mistakes... Infusion and process automation participants with sleep apnea projects led than any team.